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Check Our Yelp Page And See What Our Customers Say!

It is long overdue that I write a 5 star review for Crescentech/ C-Tech. (They recently shortened their name to C-tech (or C Tech?) so this page should get updated)
My family and I have been customers here for over 20 years and have always been satisfied!
We've always known Mohammad & staff to be fair and honest. Over the years we've bought computers and tablets for our homes and business- both custom made to specs and reconditioned models. At work C-Tech also built and installed our security system. 

We've also had our share of repairs through the years- they will tell you honestly if it needs just to be wiped clean of viruses, memory added, or whatever.  Estimate is free and I think its around $75 to have everything wiped clean, viruses removed etc so its like new- or they'll tell you if it's toast and you shouldn't bother. 

Two examples of why they're so great:   My client's techie husband passed away and she didn't know anything about computers. They went to her house and helped her get all of the info she needed from his computers. This was a huge huge help at a very difficult time for her.

Another time I went in to buy a new laptop- I brought the old one in with me to be recycled- and Mohammed asked if I could wait a couple days for them to check out the old one. Sure enough he called me and said they could revive it- saving me hundreds of dollars. That's honesty.

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